Career Portfolios are used to PLAN, ORGANIZE and DOCUMENT education, work samples and skills. You can use your Career Portfolio to apply to college or training programs, get a job, get a higher pay scale, show transferable skills, and to track personal development.

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Given the fact that most people now have several positions in their working lives, not just one, a career portfolio is a useful framework for career development throughout your life.

Employers and selection committees from all professions value the opportunity to review a career portfolio. As you tailor your portfolio to their needs and interests, they can quickly see how you view your career in relation to the work they do. A valuable supplement to your interview, a portfolio reveals the quality of your work, your understanding of the priorities and needs of the position and your commitment to your field.

Most people continue to update and reflect upon their portfolios throughout their lives - it's one way to keep track of a busy career. It's also an opportunity to pause and reflect upon your progress and accomplishments; this recognition, whether private or public, can be very motivating.

When you view your life as an ongoing evolution of talents and experiences rather than as an occupational title, you will have entered the portfolio mind set. You will be better able to see the value of all your experiences, skills and potential, and to relate these to career opportunities and challenges as they present themselves.

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Increasing Popularity of E-Portfolios
-Use of ePortfolio is rising around the world, in particular, the US, Europe and Canada
-It is expected that by 2010, every citizen will have an ePortfolio.

Portfolios-A Product As Well As A Process

A portfolio is a process as well as a product. As a process, it requires you to identify and reflect upon what motivates and satisfies you. You examine and present your interests, skills, values, needs, goals and strategies. Much of the power of your portfolio comes from this process.

A career portfolio is also a product, a concrete collection which documents evidence of your work and learning history, your skills, interests, abilities, and feedback from others.

Portfolio derived from Latin portare, ('to carry'/movable) and folium ('document' /artifact).


A portfolio is a collection of documents, artifacts or materials which are representative of your academic, leisure and career development activities.

Each portfolio is tailored to a particular purpose. One of the purposes of a career portfolio is to organize your own thinking about your career development.

As well, it can assist in the presentation of your qualifications, skills, experience and achievements, especially to employers and admission committees.
Carefully selected and constructed, your portfolio is a concrete reflection of who you are, who you hope to become, and what you hope to achieve in your career and personal development.

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